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Set Up Aurora SMV 2.0 Sites


Site Setting

Login>Admin>Admim Panel>Setting>Site Setting

Admin Panel

Homepage Stats : Stats normally included: members, new members today, hits today, people online, payouts made,
and total of payouts.

Disable Registrations?  : Unmarked this box to allow member signup

Enable Site Forum  : Enable or Disable Site forum

Show Referral Leaderboard  : Enable or Disable Showing Ref Leader board on My Account page

Balance Options  : If unmarked this box member can not withdraw money-only purchase Ads

Points Options  : This will allow your members to also have points, which can be used in the point store or the convertor.

Rotate Code Rotator With Banners  :  The code rotator is a ad area that shows up on the home page that is only used by the admin. You can input ads into the code rotator via the tools section. Clicking this option will alternate that code rotator and the banner rotator on the home page. 

Code Rotator  : This will activate the code rotator.

Require Email Verification  : This will require all new members to verify their email address. If this option is activated, the script will automatically send each new member an email with a signup verification code. Which they will need to verify before being allowed to enter the site.

Track Footprints  : This will activate the tracking of footprints for your members. This is an excellent way to track what your members are doing. However, this option uses a high amount of server resources so think about if you really want to use it.

Admin Panel

Login Route Code  : An option to either use the captha to login into the site or not to use it. 

Track Referrer Domains  : This one does exactly what it says it will do.This features is uses a lot of server resources.

Block Domains  : You can block certain domains from the tools section. You must activate that option here if you wish to use it.

Denied Foward URL  : If you are blocking domains, this field gives you the option to send them to a specific URL

Defer Traffic  : As the description implies

Defered Foward URL  : This works the same way as the denied forward traffic

Floodguard Protection  : This is a very good option to use. It will help reduce bogus traffic and help to cut down on hackers trying to break your members passwords. We recommend using roughly the same values that are shown

Floodguard Foward  : This works the same way as the denied forward traffic.

Admin Panel

Template Name  : It controls the template folder the script will look for to use for the site design. This should not be changed unless you know what you are doing.

Cron Access Password  : VERY IMPORTANT : A lot of the functions the site uses are controlled by things called crons. Those crons will have a password that is built into them. That password and this one, MUST match. Do not change unless you know what you are doing.

Site Title  : This is the name of your site as you wish it to be seen to other. It is used throughout the script to place the name of your site on, for example, some pages, emails, messages, copy right, etc.

Base Url  : his is your sites url. Again,this is used throughout the script for various functions. Please make sure it is correct.

Domain  :  this is a setting used throughout the script for various functions. Its your domain name without www. and No Forward Slash at the end

Admin Email Address  : This is where the email contacts from your members are sent.

Orphan Referrals To Allocate  : this will put un-referred members into a poll to be sold by you as referrals. We usually recommend that this be set to 100%
Do not forget to SAVE


Email Setting

Admin Panel

This is the email settings for the site default email system to use. You can use either the email system or the SMTP sytem. We recommend you use the email system because it uses less server resource because it uses the unix sendmail system. 

From Name  : Your site name (

From Address  : Email adress such as , etc.

Mail Method  : Choose Send Mail then save
SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is an Internet standard for electronic mail (e-mail) transmission across Internet Protocol (IP) networks. ... and uses more resources than the standard email system. Not much, but on larger sites it adds up quickly.



Login>Admin>Admim Panel>Setting>Selling>Product

This is a large page so we are going to look at it in sections. To sell that item and have it operate on your site, put a click in the box next to it.

Admin Panel
Admin Panel


Lets talk about the Link settings first.
The time is the amount of time that the ad will show if that setting is chosen. For example, 25 would equal 25 seconds. Earnings is the amount of money that a member earns for view that ad. Another functions are simple to understand and use. 

Buy one get one free  : If no special assigned, set it to "0"


Payment Option

Login>Admin>Admim Panel>Setting>Selling>Payment Option

Admin Panel


Site Currency:  : There are several options here, just select the one you want to use.

First Time Verification  : This will activate the first time verification option which allows you to verify, approve and disapprove all buyers. Place a check here if you want to activate this system.

Purchase With Account Funds  : If you check this box, members will be able to purchase everything you have for sale on your purchase page with site funds.

Payment Processors  : The different payment processors. The site has the following payment processors built into it already.Just fill in the blanks required for each processor that you want to use. Each has an option that you can give a discount if they use that processor


Member Setting

Login>Admin>Admim Panel>Setting>Member Setting>Member Setting

Admin Panel

Login Redirect  : This is how you set where your members will go directly after login. It can be set to any member or public page on your site.

Downline Earnings  : This is where you set how much your members will earn from their referrals. Please remember its a percentage, so .05 = 5% and .5 = 50%.

Cash Balance Options  : Set as same as Site setting

Points Balance Options  : Set as same as Site setting

Only Allow 1 Account Per IP  : This setting will stop people from making a second account from the same IP address. However, please understand this does not stop people from using the same IP address if they have already joined. THIS WORKS ONLY ON THE JOIN PAGE. To find people using the same IP address please use the find multiple accounts using the same IP tool.

Require Email Verification  : Set as same as Site setting

Allow Credit Retractions  : This setting allows members to remove ad credits from ads, we recommend that it be enabled.

Member Warnings  : This setting will determine the number of warnings a member can receive before being suspended.

Admin Panel

Paid to Promote

Activate Paid To Promote  : Enable or Disable Paid to promote feature

Paid To Promote Amount  : This is the amount paid to each valid hit for your free or standard members, not per thousand, per hit. It should be something like .001 for 1 cent per thousand.

Only Pay for Allowed Referrers  : This option is used if you want to specify which sites your members are only allowed to promote on. This is a good option and will help to control the abuse of the paid to promote system as the script will not give a valid hit unless it comes from one of these approved domains. These domains are added on the PTP Allowed Sites page which we will discuss after we go over this page. 

Pay Only For Unique Visitors  :  This setting will pay ONLY if the hit is unique to the site per day. So if you have more than one member referring the same person, that person is counted as a valid hit only once. THIS IS THE RECOMMENDED SETTING.

Unique Pay Behavior  : (Pay for Site Unique Hits): This setting will pay ONLY if the hit is unique to the site per day. So if you have more than one member referring the same person, that person is counted as a valid hit only once. THIS IS THE RECOMMENDED SETTING. 
(Pay for Referrer Unique Hits): This setting will pay for each unique hit each of your members send to the site. 

Pay If No Referring URL  : You have to set this setting to NO, otherwise your members will really abuse the system.

Email Alerts  : This setting will allow members to receive emails if a new ad is added to one of the sections you choose for them to receive emails on. You can set alerts to go out for paid to click, paid to sign up and paid to read ads only. You can also allow this feature for all members or upgraded members only.

Admin Panel
Sign Up Bonuses  : Simply setting cash,point,credit you will award to new joining member


Converter Setting

Login>Admin>Admim Panel>Setting>Member Setting>Converter Setting

Admin Panel

This is the converter settings page. This is used with the converter which allows your members to convert their cash balance or their point balance into ad credits. This is a great way to get your members to use their balances. We recommend that you play with the values to get them slightly above your cash rates.


Manage Members

Login>Admin>Admim Panel>Members>Manage>Manage Members

Admin Panel

Click on Username

Admin Panel

This function you can manage members. Just follow instruction of each topic.


Member Payout

Step1 : Login>Admin>Admim Panel>Setting>Member Setting>Withdraw Setting

Admin Panel

Withdraw Minimum  : This is the minimum amount that a member can make a withdrawal request. 

Limit Withdraws  : This will limit withdrawals ONLY to upgraded members. If you click this box, standard members will not be able to request a withdrawal.

Step2 : Login>Admin>Admim Panel>Payout>Setting

Admin Panel

Standard Request System  :  Under this system, you must actually send the payments out yourself through your payment processor. We recommend that you ONLY use this setting. The reason is that there are way to many cheaters that will try to cheat you and you want to be able to review payment requests and accounts before you send out a payment.

Automatic Payout System  : Under this system you would need to set up your payment processors to automatically accept all payment request and then send them out. STRONGLY RECOMMEND NOT TO USE THIS OPTION.

Step3 : Login>Admin>Admim Panel>Payout>Option

Admin Panel

This is the Withdrawal Options page, from here you can edit, delete, and set up your payment withdrawal options for your members. The Delete button will do just that, it will delete the option. Hitting the Edit button will bring up this screen so that you can edit the withdrawal option.

Admin Panel

The items here are pretty easy to understand, but we have expanded them below in case there are any questions.

Title  : Name of the payment processorMinimum  : Minimum amount Free members must have in their account to process a withdrawal request.

Minimum (premium)  : Minimum amount Premium or upgraded members must have in their account to process a withdrawal request.

Standard Fee  : This is the fee that you want to charge your Free members to process their payment request.

Premium Fee  : This is the fee that you want to charge your Premium or upgraded members to process their payment request.

Format and Deliminator  : These are the coding codes enbedded into the copy and paste into a spread sheet for mass payment. I would not recommend changing these for the payment processors build into the script as a standard feature.

Active  : This can be Yes or No, it means does the member have to be an active member. I would recommend setting it to Yes.

Verification Type  : This is the verification that is requested on the members withdrawal request page. It can be integer as shown, blank, or email as seen below:

For Verification Type:
Email: Use this method if your payment processor requires an email address to pay (i.e. Paypal, Alertpay).
Interger: Use this method if you payment processor requires a numeric code.
Blank: Use this method if your payment processor requires anything but numbers, leave BLANK (LR,etc).
It is important to pick the correct verification type for the payment processor you are setting up. 
To set up a new payment processor it basically the exact same as editing a payment processor.


Edit Template

If you want to change new template. You have to change Template Name to your new template.

Login>Admin>Admim Panel>Setting>Site Setting

Edit Default Template


Login to cPanel>File Manager>Plubic_html>template>default>




Click on the file then edit (top menu)
layout.php  : Edit the size of border or remove it by change to "0" as the following:
< !-- The most outer border --> 
< table class='outer_border2' border='0' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'> < tr> < td> 
< table class='outer_border3' border='0' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'> < tr> < td> 
< table class='outer_border4' border='0' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'> < tr> < td> < !-- The most inner border --> 

Show Two Banners on your Template

layout.php  :  About line 83 Change 





home.php  : 

Edit home page of your website.

style.css  : Edit background colour, header, menu, text colour etc..

Background Colour 
margin: 0;
padding: 0;background-color: #F9DFB7

Background of template body 
background-color: #F6792D
border: 0px solid: #F6792D



Back to the top of page

Login to cPanel>File Manager>Plubic_html>banners



Upload Banners  : Open banners folder then click upload (top menu) The default banners are (php banner) banner.png, banner1.gif, banner2.gif, banner3.gif

If you have only 4 banner :1 banner.png and 3banner.gif That is finish,No need to edit script
In case you have more than 4 four banners or different file type

You have to edit cpanel>public_html>members>banners.php

You can rename or add banners in the following section


NOTE : The last line must have no comma "," 


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